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[EN] Howto open SAP Security Configuration

Your Problem is, that your PDF! Function does not more working during you accidently clicked on No instead of Yes on the Security Warning?


  • You get the Warning from the SAP GUI Security  Dialogproblem1







  • The System is trying to create the File
    • PATH\Appdata\Local\Temp\<randomfilename>.pdf in the directory \local\temp
    • Do you want to grant the permission to modifiy
      the parent directory and all its subdirectories?
  • You may click on Remember my Decision
  • For now, if you Deny – you will have to follow this guide to fix it else you wont be able to use PDF!-Function


If you did Allow, then your fine else see below:

In the Menu menu_onlyIs a Button, this button at the end of the toolbar is menu button

If you click on it it will
open up a Menu which we will Choose options



Navigate to Secury, Security Settungs and

Click on Open Security Settings

After this, the Security Configuration Window will be open and here you will able to fix your mistake





Referenz: SAP GUI for Windows Security Guide